Endless mountains with great snow

Switzerland’s landscape honestly needs no description from me. Google images alone will provide a pretty incredible tour of the non-EU nation and it’s ridiculously beautiful landscape. Scenery and with regard to snowboarding, Switzerland is my favorite place in the pursuit of good snow that I have been both with and without my family. There are some ways to ease the famously expensive reputation of the country (just click my blog posts to figure them out!).

At the base of Grindelwald

Buy your vignette!!! Don’t screw this up. Like Austria, Slovenia, and several other European nations, driving without a highway sticker affixed to your windshield can bring swift fines from the local fuzz. Do the smart thing, and buy online. Also, bring snow chains and know how to install them. Sometimes winters can really hit the Swiss landscape hard and driving without them in some areas can A: be against the law, and B: endanger you and your family. Don’t be a moron: plan accordingly for everyone’s sake.

Like really? This is a real place? Lauterbrunnen in Summer.

Like I mentioned above, the Swiss Franc is the currency (same in Liechtenstein). For the most part, restaurants, hotels, and biergartens tend to accept cards, but have Francs in case you run into the exception to that rule. The snow in Switzerland is the best I’ve seen in Europe, so far. I’ve found the biggest off-slope areas for exploration, as well. Also, some of the more intimidating terrain I’ve come across is in the Swiss alpine landscape.

My buddy Andrew beneath the Matterhorn

Switzerland is simply an amazing place. The population seems to be fluent in basically every language and, for the most part, everyone is pretty friendly. If you’re paying Europe a visit or you just moved here, don’t ever pass up the opportunity to go during any season. It’s nearly impossible to leave disappointed.

It will cost you, but don’t leave your first time in Switzerland without having tried their Fondues, Raclette, and, my absolute favorite, Rösti.

Click here for Tannenbodenalp and the Zermatt region!

Bis nächste mal!

-The Snowboard Dad In europe