COVID Winter 2020-2021

Making the best of our winter during pandemic

Jan 2021 – As much as I hate to admit it as an avid snowboarder and lover of all things snowy and Wintery, I’d say as a resident of Germany that the slope season in the traditional sense is a bust.

I’m not one to try and pull other people down into the dumps that I may be in, so I’ll spend this small part of my page trying to be as positive as I can for anyone who cares to read this thing. Crack a beer, pour a whiskey, or class it up with an Aperol Spritz as I spirit you away to a land where, even during COVID lockdowns, shredding your face off within this nation’s borders is possible.

Now…before I tell you to venture into the snow during this weird and odd time, make the best judgement regarding your family. Yes this is a blog devoted, primarily, to how to ensure your families enjoy the snow through the Alps…but the current climate calls on all snow lovers to be a bit more cautious. So…….be cautious. Don’t be overtly dumb in what you do this winter.

Posts regarding the below are to follow! Check back soon.

I finally saw the Nebelhorn and I got to experience Feldberg without any human beings around, at all. We managed to rent our own private Skilift. I even got to hear TNT getting detonated for avalanche control as I hiked in the deepest snow I’ve ever seen in Bavaria. The rest was simply good winter time with my two little ones.

Bis nächste mal!

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